Sunday, January 3, 2010

We really suck at this.

So the last time we posted anything Lyndee and I were newlyweds. Then in December we found out that Lyndee was pregnant. Oopsie. We weren't really ready for this and life as we new it was O.V.E.R!! Almost 37 weeks later we were blessed with a happy, healthy little boy we named Aiden James Taylor. He weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and was 21.5 inches long with very little hair and a curious attitude. He was blessed the sunday after General Conference in October. Today, he is 5 months old and weighs just over 19 lbs. He is always happy and is becoming more curious about his surroundings each day. He's mastered the rolling over but thats about it.

During the time Lyndee was pregnant she maintained great grades while in nursing school despite having a rough go of it. She was incredible to be able to do what she did during that time. After Aiden was born she took time off work but the schedule she maintained again was brutal with pumping and school. But as usual she did it well. She will start her final semester in nursing school in January.....YEAH. I am so lucky to have her in my life as my wife and best friend.

She really loves our little boy and is an incredible mommy. I love watching her with him and it makes my day to see the love she has for him in how she talks to and cares for him.
Then there's our girl, Khalee. She has been a real trooper through this entire process. Its been a real balancing act and unfortuneately Khalee has had to go without her daily walks, more so when its cold. We did good when it was warmer. We try to make sure she gets her one on one as much as possible. She knows who Aiden is when you ask her to find him. She gets really excited when he wakes up and comes down stairs in the morning. She has to smell him and lick his face.
All in all we had a really good year. We are all healthy and thats all I really hope for each day, because with that you have a chance to fulfill your dreams. Lyndee and I know we have so much to learn about each other, ourselves, and life. We are way excited to see what 2010 brings and we hope to be able to share many more experiences with family and friends.
Also, if you look at the pics on a past posting you'll see that Dirk and I went to RSL's first ever palyoff soccer game, in which they won, but lost the next one and were eliminated. Well whoopy freakin doo. This year they one two games against last years MLS cup winners and went to the finals to beat the best team in the MLS this year to win it all. YEEHAW. GO RSL. That brought Utah its first professional title since the Utah Jazz when they belonged to the ABA years ago. Does that really even count? Soccer Rules!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching up on the Postings.....Holy crap we suck at this!!!

So, we got married and afterwards, like a month later, we went to Lake Powell with Niki, Chance and Hunter. That was fun after we escaped the storm that chased us across the lake.

See the storm cloud in the distance.

Oh, how romantic.

Nice farmer tans, eh!
Nope, still can't see any muscles
Then, the end of September I went with my friends to Zions for a few days and golfed, 4 wheeled, and ate really well.
Me in just outside of Zion's, motorcyle riding
In October we went to Bear Lake for 2 days but because we are dorks and forgot to bring a camera we have no pictures to prove it. It was still fun. Tried to drive around the lake but didnt make it. Lyndee really had to pee so we turned back.
On Halloween night we had a Party with family and friends that turned out to be alot of fun with ALOT of people. Food and games for all. Lyndee and Kristie did a great planning job. Decorations were AWESOME. I rock!!
Rockband jam session.
Dirk the Garden Nome
Future Nurses of America
Greg wanted to dress up but decided not to;-)
Even cave men can have really cute kids
Do you need any insurance?
Super Girls, Madi and Kenna
Sophie taking a wack at the Witch pinata
Last week Dirk was kind enough to invite me to RSL's first ever playoff game, which they won in the 89th minute. YEAH DOG. It was friggin great!!!
Dude just missed a bicycle kick
Just after they scored and the game ended
RSL: 1 Chivas USA: 0 YeeHaw
That sums it up. Ok, there was alot of other stuff too but I'm not allowed to talk about that stuff here;-)

Lyndee is still kicking butt, and getting her but kicked by nursing school. These days she breaks up little ole ladies that get into fights over their latest craft projects. Also, if any of you are familiar with nursing care plns then you know what fun those are. NOT!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


That would be the word of the year for us. We still can't believe that we're married, but we wouldn't have it any other way. It was kind of a whirlwind ride from our first date until our wedding day. I finished school in May and Lyndee started Nursing school just after I finished. Then there was trying to keep things low key at work while trying to plan a wedding at the same time without letting anyone there know, since we work both work for Lifeflight. She's a dispatcher and I'm a flight nurse. So basically she tells me where to go, and since I'm already use to that it won't be a difficult transition, hee hee. J/K. So if you want to know about how things progressed from dating to marriage you'll have to ask Lyndee.

The wedding was great. We were married on July 12th, 2008. We had a ton of fun. There was the ceremony, short but sweet. The pictures weren't bad thanks to our killer photographer and good friend, Dirk. We had good food and lots of dancing. It was awesome. It was kind of chaotic and we didn't get to spend nearly enough one on one time with everyone who came. We had a blast. Then life went on. Lyndee is in her second semester of nursing school. I'm working, play indoor soccer, and work with the young men/varsity scouts in the ward. Khalee is either sleeping, playing outside or begging for snacks, but she's still cute.